ABUJA – Finally, President Mohammadu Buhari has assented to the 2016 Appropriation Bill, giving way for full implementation of the budget. The signing took place just a moment ago at the presidential Villa, Abuja. Recall that the budget was laid before a joint session of the National Assembly on December 22, 2015. Work on the document began shortly after the Christmas break upon the resumption of the National Assembly for legislative duties. But a plethora of arguments and counter-arguements later ensued between the presidency and the national assembly following the controversial “padding” of the budget against the wishes of President Buhari. The came after the national assembly had unanimously approved the budget estimates of N6.06 trillion from the initial N6.08 trillion and transmitted to the presidency with the highlight, but failed to attached the details. Reacting, the president declined to give his assent, insisting on seeing the details. But the details made available later proved to be incredibly padded, prompting the Executive arm to return the budget for a rework. This unfortunately had taken almost 5 months, causing untold hardship on citizenry. But apparently satisfied with the corrections made on the document, the president on Friday put ink on paper, signing the dotted lines.  More details later

Production of solar energy panel by perejitei from Arogbo.

Watch Video of Perejitei Ebikirifagha Bekewei is from Arogbo community of Ondo state, Nigeria who believed & focused in his career, today is a global representative of Ijaws & Nigeria as whole. he is an expert in solar energy radiation and he speaks Spanish language like his mother’s tongue so amazing!. his online interview with DJKENNY on our News today    he said this in Spanish language & English.  pls read English meaning below…. Un panel solar o módulo solar es un dispositivo que capta la energía de la radiación solar para su aprovechamiento. El término comprende a los colectores solares, utilizados usualmente para producir agua caliente doméstica mediante energía solar térmica, y a los paneles fotovoltaicos, utilizados para generar electricidad mediante energía solar fotovoltaica.

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